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Stop People Pleasing

Oct 23, 2020

Welcome, my Rebel Queens and Kings! This podcast is your exit visa from people pleasing, from letting others lean on you 24/7, from the overwhelm of being an empath and a highly sensitive person. It’s time to stop apologising for your very existence.


I’m Harriet Morris. I’m a coach and an empath. Like you, I’ve given away far too much of myself for too little in return.  I’ve let energy vampires suck the life out if me. I too have felt angry AND powerless. I’ve been swamped by emotions that knocked me off balance and ruined my day.


The good news is that I turned things round for myself - and so can you. 


Welcome to your toolkit for learning to say no with ease, to standing up to energy vampires and narcissists - all this, without shutting out the world.


In this podcast I want to share with you the ideas that I have developed out of necessity and tried and tested on myself and clients. 


It’s time to hand in your resignation as the carrier of other people’s emotional baggage. It’s time to accept your empath nature and honour your needs. Time to use your energy to make the most of your intuition, the ability to connect to others and many other good qualities.


You do all this - you can finally relax.


Being a RebelQueen Empath is not about getting your own back on the world. It’s not about walking all over other people in some kind of retribution for all the struggles you’ve been through. Rebel queens can still apologise when they mess up - the difference is that they stop apologising for who they are. So draw up a chair for your beautifully imperfect self. Are you sitting comfortably? Then it’s time to start living. After all, your life is waiting - so what are you waiting for?