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Stop People Pleasing

Oct 23, 2020

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How does a Rebel Empath differ from her or his less empowered sibling, the Sorry Empath?

The essence of this comes down to being sorry vs unsorry in how you live your life.

Unsorry is not about being passive aggressive and trying to get the world to make amends for past hurts. No, it  is all about showing up unapologetically and being Ok with  your beautifully imperfect self.

It means owning who you are. Being unapologetic about your empath nature and allowing yourself to navigate life as you. 

That would be a great description of The RebelQueen Empath.

With that said, we look at the seven main differences between The Sorry Empath and The RebelQueenUnsorry Empath.


Some highlights….



Both prize connection, but whereas SE has a lack of discernment, UE will not tolerate connection at her or his own expense.



The sorry empath is an emotional sponge and the unsorry empathy  uses porous shielding to avoid this predicament.



The disempowered, sorry empath tries in vain to apply cookie generalised advice to her own extremely unique situation. What does the RebelQueen empath do instead? Find out here.



…is all about how the Unsorry RebelQueen deals differently with her emotions from her sorry counterpart.


Find out what all  seven differences are