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Stop People Pleasing

Apr 15, 2021


I am in the process of creating a course on setting better boundaries. At the moment I want your feedback. Here are the problems that I see block empaths from creating boundaries. Do these resonate with you? Give me your feedback by emailing me info {at} or join the SPP Facebook group (link below)

#1 I really wish I could stand up for myself, but I don’t know how


#2 It would be difficult to set boundaries with X, because s/he has a hard life and they really need me. How could I do that to them? 


#3 Setting boundaries equals creating massive conflict, which scares me


#4 I am resentful that people do not give me the time and attention I give them - why should I have to set a boundary? 


#5 I feel too overwhelmed to do this work, and end up stuck giving too much energy away. It’s catch 22.


#6 I am so hurt by how narcissists and energy vampires treat me, it’s kind of paralysing. Catch 22 - nothing changes.


#7 I can’t deal with the negative comeback I would get if I did set boundaries.




Lauren Amman Interview

In this interview, coach and ex-people pleaser Lauren Ammon shares about

*How her entire previous career – HR - was born out of people pleasing

*How her empath nature led to overwork

*How she changed to living life on her own terms

*Taking responsibility for the way she was showing up with others

*Her fears about changing careers



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