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Stop People Pleasing

Apr 27, 2021

I am hosting an informal coffee chat on Zoom tomorrow Wednesday 28th April. It will last about 45 minutes. No cost. No need to register - just turn up. Bring your favourite beverage!

When is it?
Because of the different time zones of my listeners, I'll be doing this twice - at 11am UK time then again at 8pm UK time

You can check the time in your own time zone here


Here are the links and passcodes


Passcode 4321



Passcode 4321


Why Do This?
Because it is an opportunity to ask me any questions or discuss anything you hear on the podcast

Because I really enjoy meeting my listeners and getting to know more about what they want. I am obsessed with quality podcasting, so the better episodes I can produce, the happier I am :)

Because I often share about experiences that I would not talk about publicly

Because it will probably be really fun!

Because you never know what you might learn or think of as a result

Because I think it is is so important for us empaths to get together in a way that is super empowering