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Stop People Pleasing

Mar 18, 2021

Think you are 100% at fault when you lack the courage to stand up to that user parading as your friend? Think again. Today I want to introduce you to a very important key to understanding why people pleasing is so hard to stop doing.

Meet your Cavebrain.

The great news is that once you understand Cavebrain, you can learn how to influence it


Film of The Week

Is Lars and The Real Girl, starring Ryan Gosling



This ancient part of your brain is in charge of fight or flight. It also worries about if others accept you.

Cavebrain is always asking two questions:

#1 Am I in immediate danger?

#2 Does the tribe accept me?

Unfortunately, it is very good at misinterpreting things and that is where many people pleasing issues start. Find out more in this episode.



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