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Stop People Pleasing

May 6, 2021

Ever felt so weighed down by everything in your life that you fantasised about breaking your leg, just to give yourself some time out of life? Well, I have. I talk about a more constructive way of lightening your load…

Today is the first part of two episodes where I explain three ways to stop feeling so overwhelmed. Overwhelm is a very common side effect of people pleasing – but guess what? You need to create some mental and emotional space to start showing up differently – and that means dealing with overwhelm.



…sounds so boring that I am not going to tell you what it is, but is so powerful that you won’t want to miss it once I explain why it is so awesome. Trust me on this!



#1 Filter very carefully what media you expose yourself to.

This is a very personal thing. Also, you may want to think about how you consume news for example. Print is easier to deal with than moving images.

Not all violent media deserves a blanket ban from me. I really got a lot out of Fight Club for example. Certain clients love thrillers – and so do I – if I have vetted them.


#2 Overwhelm Circuit Breakers

These are actions you can take to reduce overwhelm, whatever the root cause of your stress. Listen for examples of this, plus some uncommon wisdom about managing the stress hormone cortisol



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Cavebrain episode

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