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Stop People Pleasing

Aug 27, 2021

Heads up!

Places are now open for the September group coaching programme.

Episode #33 - The Empath Drama Triangle

In this fourth part of this series on the key skills to stop people pleasing, we look at what the drama triangle is , and dive into its variant that every empath must learn about.


Launchpad Group Coaching Programme

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In only 30 days, go from putting everyone else’s needs before your own to honouring and standing up for yourself - without it being a struggle.

What You Will Learn:

*How to reduce overwhelm

*Rock solid empath confidence

*How to stop wasting your energy living in reaction

*Change how you show up with family and friends

*How to say no to people without fear of conflict

*How change the silent agreements you have with people, often without them even noticing!

*Transform how you see yourself in a month

*Share your fears in the welcoming environment of the group, gain inspiration from their wins - and have your achievements recognised

*Work out if people around you are Well Meaning Energy Drainers